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Sprinter Delivery Service is a hot shot delivery company that guarantees same day service, sometimes as quickly as within one hour.


State of the Art Fleet Tracking Devices: Provides real time location of your delivery


Customized mobile invoicing APP: Provides immediate Proof of Delivery


Electronic Backup System: Supports documentation accuracy when the paper system fails.


Accurate, Organized and Timely billing and invoicing: Keeps paperwork minimized, streamlined and efficient...just like our delivery service.


Deliver Any Time, In Town, Out of Town, Out of State: We've got you covered


On Site Credit Card Payments Accepted


Well Insured: Enough said.


This type of service goes above and beyond average delivery companies and this is what our customers are looking for.  What we do is impossible to fulfill with average drivers, which is why we carefully select and value our team.  Every driver that works for Sprinter is considered above average and is expected to perform at a high level, while taking pride in communicating with customers as they make prompt and safe deliveries. Our company, based in Tulsa, OK is licensed to deliver anywhere within the 48 contiguous states.


The bulk of our deliveries are within the state of Oklahoma and the bordering states of Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, and Kansas. Our services are available 24 hours a day.  For Sprinter Delivery, there is always enough time.





Things our customers are saying...


"Dependable, great service.  Sprinter does what they say they’re going to do. They’ve been our hotshot carrier since 2005."

Paul Shipman, Plant Manager, Earl M. Jorgensen Steel Tulsa, OK


"Sprinter has always been on time, never damaged any products and delivers at a fair price."

Jonathan Ware, Warehouse, Sabic Polymershapes Tulsa, OK


"Sprinter has done our daily deliveries and have been here every day, without fail, since 2012."

Billy Smith, Warehouse manager, Custom Components and Logistics Tulsa, OK


"Sprinter is always there for me."

Chris Vann, Shipping Supervisor,  S&T Manufacturing  Tulsa, OK

Lori Cudé is no stranger to getting the right product to the right customer fast. Her parents owned a wholesale greenhouse providing "load and go" deliveries back in the 60's.  In those days, overnight deliveries were nearly unheard of.   She witnessed her father get in the truck to do an 8 hour drive at the end of a long working day because the customer needed it tomorrow.   She learned that this type of hard work and determination to provide top notch service was “normal.”


Lori understands how valuable your product is.

Lori understands your reputation is being delivered with the product.

Lori understands what impeccable service at a reasonable price means.

Lori "gets it."


After obtaining her BS from Oklahoma State University she worked inside and outside sales from California to Kansas.  She settled in Wichita, KS to raise her family and furthered her career in medical device sales.  She later moved to Tulsa, OK and eventually became the owner of Sprinter Delivery Service LLC.

Lori's transportation and logistics background, coupled with her sales and service background, bring a unique understanding of delivering products and services.  Her “normal” level of customer service means you will hear her say, “there is always enough time.”  Even if that means getting in the truck and driving it herself.


With Sprinter Delivery Service, there is always enough time.

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